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Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation Excellent Brands
Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation Lighthouse Project of the Year Brand Communication – Architecture and Buildings Brand Communication – Digital Campaign Brand Communication – Movies, Commercials and Virals Branded Corporate Social Responsibility Brand Communication – User Experience Brand Communication – 360° Campaign Brand Experience of the Year Brand Strategy – B2C Brand Design – Product Design Brand Communication – Classic Campaign Brand Communication – Point of Sale Brand Impact of the Year Brand Digitalization Brand Communication – Print Brand Communication – Social Media Internal Branding and Brand Academies Brand Design – Product Brand Brand Communication – Fairs and Exhibitions Brand Communication – Acoustic and Sensoric Branding Brand Revival of the Year Brand Communication – Intranet and Collaboration Brand Communication – Web and Mobile Brand Communication – Public Relations Brand Communication – Brand Events Brand Communication – Influencer Marketing Brand Design – Corporate Brand Brand Communication – Ambient Media and Outdoor Advertising Brand Behaviour Brand Innovation of the Year Brand Efficiency of the Year Brand Innovation & New business models Brand Strategy of the Year Brand Strategy – B2B Brand Communication – Digital Solution and Apps Branded Activities during COVID 19 Employer Branding Activities and Campaigns Excellent Brands Media and Entertainment Brand Communication – Onlineshop Brand Design – Packaging Trade Fairs and Event Locations Digital Brand of the Year Brand Communication – Guerilla Marketing Brand Communication – Dialogue and CRM Telecommunications and IT Corporate Services Employer Brand of the Year Tourism Banking and Financial Services Building and Elements Education and Research Fast Moving Consumer Goods Transport and Mobility Beauty and Care Non Governmental Organizations and Public Affairs Product Brand of the Year Interior and Living Sports and Outdoor Goods Kids and Toys Sustainable Brand of the Year Newcomer Brand of the Year Consumer Electronics Industry Machines and Engineering Tools and Gardening Corporate Brand of the Year Kitchen and Household Appliances Luxury Service Brand of the Year Office and Stationery Trade Retail and E-Commerce Logistics and Infrastructure Sports Associations and Sporting Clubs Fashion Insurance Culture and Concerts Health and Pharmaceuticals Heating and Bathroom
Best of Best Special Mention Winner Gold
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