love himolla

love himolla


Himolla, with about 3,000 employees, has been established worldwide as a Bavarian manufacturer of high-quality upholstery products for over 70 years. We create real solutions and numerous features for better quality of life. Thanks to our transformation, Himolla is now known for contemporary design, exquisite fabrics and leather, a wide range of exciting features right up to motorised high-tech fittings, huge planning variety and 360° marketing. Great sofas and favourite chairs simply make life better!

Statement of the jury

Himolla is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-quality upholstered furniture. With a view to future success, the Bavarian company has undertaken a comprehensive brand transformation and repositioning, for everything from furniture design to presentation. The result is a coherent overall image that reflects the values that himolla obviously embodies in a clear, modern and likeable manner. A considerable achievement that not only recognisably distinguishes the brand from its competitors but has also set the course for continued future success.


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