Human health is an ambitious goal, actively pursued by our team at medisana. We are one of the leading health care specialists, operating in the home health care market and working continuously to develop, manufacture and distribute health care products for consumers. Our aim is to help more and more people to monitor their own state of health independently and to treat themselves without risk.

Statement of the jury

The quality of a company’s digital presence is becoming ever more important. Younger people in particular are reached via websites and relevant social media channels above all. Medisana has for years positioned itself as a specialist in health products for end customers. During the company’s digital expansion, it also revised its Internet presence and digital magazine. The result is a contemporary, user-friendly design that has a particularly friendly and likeable feel with its bright general atmosphere, strong colour accents and optimistic imagery. A coherent brand presence that is in line with the pulse of the times with respect to both content and form.


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