Swiss Re Audio Branding

Swiss Re Audio Branding


Expressing the brand vision of »making the world more resilient« was essential for Swiss Re in their Audio Branding project. The sonic metaphor we found for resilience is quite simple: the constant repetition of a single note. It runs through the music as a steady pulse. No matter how great the changes along the way, the music always returns to this stable condition. It’s the »One Note« principle.

Statement of the jury

In the course of modernising its brand, Swiss Re, one of the world's largest insurers, asked itself how it could also stand out from the competition in the area of sound. The solution consists of two tone sequences that can be used in different ways. Both fit the brand perfectly and are highly recognisable. It is remarkable that one of the two tone sequences consists of only one note, which is constantly repeated and thus becomes a tonal metaphor that conveys a sense of stability in a dynamic time. An exceedingly clever sonic identity that becomes modern and soothing and yet at the same time is so distinctive that one recognises and places it immediately.


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