VDC Interactive

VDC Interactive


As a global player, dormakaba wants to be several steps ahead, using bleeding edge digital solutions to further their development and reach out to the world. Reinventing current and future corporate communication and collaboration is their aim. This project is not just a VR experience but a sustainable and scalable VR solution for sales, marketing and training, describing a paradigm shift from 2D to 3D communication.

Statement of the jury

The dormakaba brand’s virtual company space enables a multitude of users to meet, communicate and collaborate in a unique virtual space, saving many physical business trips. A visit to the beautifully designed virtual rooms is also a fascinating experience, however, since the 3D presentation allows products and services to be experienced even better than in some physical showrooms. VDC Interactive is a consistent and brilliant step into the future for the fields of intranet, collaboration and marketing/sales.


Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Communication – Intranet and Collaboration