Novia by AXENT Switzerland

Novia by AXENT Switzerland


NOVIA is a highly innovative project. The beautifully shaped bathtub looks iconic and is accentuated with a stylish metal frame. NOVIA is a pioneer for a new generation of intelligent bath solutions. The bath is digitally controlled and operated, with all functions fully networked! The inlet is also the outlet, so water enters the bath tub almost magically, as if from a natural source. The integrated ambient lighting creates an atmosphere of well-being. The rage is completed by toilet and wash basin. More to come.

Statement of the jury

With its innovative Novia series, AXENT Switzerland is setting entirely new standards in the bathroom sector. The aesthetically pleasing bathtub has not only eliminated the need for an external tap, its innovative floor-integrated inlet can also be controlled digitally. Water flows out of the smooth and flush ring like a spring, filling the tub while making practically no noise. A nice additional feature is the ambient lighting integrated into the metal edge. An exceptional series resulting from a consistent brand strategy that takes an intelligent and meaningful approach to the networking of bathrooms.

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