Erwin Halder KG

Erwin Halder KG


In 1938, the Swabian inventor Erwin Halder established his business with the invention of the Simplex Schonhammer. Today, the company based in Achstetten employs over 200 people worldwide. In addition to soft-face mallets and forestry tools, Erwin Halder KG currently produces and sells high-precision standard parts, fixtures and aviation products worldwide. The company is still family owned and run by the third generation, Stefan Halder.

Statement of the jury

With its crisp, fresh brand core statement »The Original for Originals«, the traditional Halder brand concentrates on a quality-conscious target group. This not only creates a clear positioning, but also awakens enthusiasm. With a good amount of self-irony and witty ideas in communication, it’s possible to awaken the emotions of even the toughest tradesman. A young, contemporary presentation that liberates the brand’s cult potential with a twinkle in its eye, and which stays in the memory for a long time to come and so has the power to assert itself successfully against cheap products offered by competitors. The jury’s verdict: bold makes gold!


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