Boris Dolkhani - Brand Manager of the Year 2022

Brand Manager
of the Year

Senior Vice President Corporate Marketing, Brand Management & Communication Strategy BOSCH


Dear Mr Dolkhani, you are navigating one of the best-known international tech technology brands through a period of numerous changes changes in the world. What prompted the current campaign #LikeABosch, which you successfully manage and and driving it forward?


First of all, it's important for me to emphasise that I have the great honour of leading and further developing this fascinating brand together with a wonderful team. The Bosch brand is 136 years old and our founder Robert Bosch once said, "The brand is not an adornment, it is the main thing, not an accessory." This is both an incentive and an obligation for us. When I came on board in mid-2017, there was a clear focus  from the board of management to raise the profile of Bosch as a modern IoT company. IoT company - both externally and internally. And that was the reason for developing the campaign. Our briefing equation was: Bosch = IOT = cool.


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Campaign „#OrteFürAlle“ from Aktion Mensch - Best Intent of the Year 2022

Best Intent
of the Year

Interview questions for Aktion Mensch, awarded Best Intent of the Year at the German Brand Award 2022 for the campaign "#OrteFürAlle".


With the #OrteFürAlle campaign, you call on citizens to contribute ideas for a more inclusive world. Can a brand also be fully accessible?


It should be! It is also a basic requirement for brands that they are accessible to all. Ultimately, they will lose customers if this is not the case. In Germany, about ten million people have a disability - that means we are not talking about a small group. And accessibility benefits everyone: What is essential for people with disabilities is usually comfortable for people without disabilities. Simple language, for example. That's why the topic also fits in well with an elementary precondition for the future viability of brands: customer-centricity. Our appeal: Think about different perspectives right from the start! Ask your customers with and without disabilities! And in the best case: let your customers help shape the development or further development of your brand! This is how products, services and offers are created that have a benefit for many people - because they can use them.


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Campaign „Refill Diet“ by Greenpeace - Best Intent of the Year 2022

Best Intent
of the Year

Last summer, you called on Switzerland to go on a refill diet and added a fourth principle to the 3Rs principle "Reduce - Reuse - Recycle". How successful was this campaign?


We launched the campaign to draw attention to how much waste is produced by takeaway packaging. Greenpeace is working Greenpeace is working to change the way companies and politicians think - small things that each individual can do help. The aim of the campaign was to reach people who are not as well informed about sustainability and environmental protection as the typical Greenpeace supporter. Thanks to the efforts of 150 partner companies and businesses that communicated (and in some cases still communicate) about the Refill Diet, we were able to reach significantly more people on a low-threshold level. In this respect, the campaign was successful for us.


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ooia - Best Startup of the Year 2022

Best Startup
of the Year

Interview with the Founders Dr. Kati Ernst and Kristine Zeller


What are the most important ingredients of your brand?


Firstly, it's the mix of communication and an absolutely high-quality product in every dimension! For all this, we have defined 4 core values according to which we design our brand with a certain obsession: Trust, Emotion, Aspiration, Quality.


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