Tina Müller - CEO Douglas GmbH - Brand Manager of the Year 2020

Brand Manager
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Tina Müller is so successful as a modern leader because she is not only willing to try new things and think big, but also because agility and future-oriented thinking are natural and indispensable for her. She has already impressively demonstrated this at Henkel and Opel, and for two years now at Douglas. Under her leadership, the traditional brand has undergone a comprehensive facelift that has deeply impacted on old values. But her courage was rewarded. Today, Douglas is the No. 1 in Europe, a position that is to be further cemented and expanded, just like the online shop, which is already one of the leading online shops on the market.

Read the interview with Tina Müller, CEO Douglas GmbH, here. (the interview took place in March 2020)

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