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Any company that has been nominated by the expert committees and brand scouts of the German Brand Institute can take part in the German Brand Awards. Companies may also put forward their own project or brand for nomination. Prizes are awarded in three categories: ‘Excellence in Branding’, ‘Industry Excellence in Branding’ and ‘Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation’. Additionally, all participants have the opportunity to enter their project in the ‘Excellence in Branding’ category – with all of the associated benefits. Each year the jury also awards the title ‘Brand Manager of the Year’.






Important dates for the German Brand Awards

German Brand Awards 2018
9 March 2018 Deadline for submitting entries
22 March 2018 Jury session
21 June 2018 Award ceremony German Brand Awards 2018
21 June 2018 Online gallery opening
21 Jun2 2018 Catalogue publication
German Brand Awards 2019
Impressions of the German Brand Awards Convention 2018 | Pictures: Manuel Debus

Three categories covering all
aspects of brand management.

  • Excellence in Branding
  • a cross-sectoral award covering the following categories:
  • Brand Extension of the Year

  • Brand Innovation of the Year

  • Corporate Brand of the Year

  • Digital Brand of the Year

  • Digital Transformation of the Year

  • Employer Brand of the Year

  • Newcomer Brand of the Year

  • Product Brand of the Year

  • Sustainable Brand of the Year

  • Service Brand of the Year

  • Industry Excellence in Branding
  • recognises the best product and company brands within in a particular industry. The categories include:
  • Banking & Financial Services

    banks, building societies, credit card companies, leasing companies
  • Beauty & Care

    personal care, cosmetics, wellness, hygiene
  • Building & Elements

    smart home, facility management, building materials, window and door manufacturers, building components, insulation materials
  • Chemical Industry

    fine chemistry, speciality chemicals
  • Consumer Electronics

    entertainment electronics, TV, audio, video, photography
  • Corporate Services

    corporate and HR consulting, tax consulting, lawyers, security services
  • Culture

    Orchestras, theatres, museums
  • Education

    schools, universities, preschools, other public or private teaching institutions
  • Entertainment

    TV programme brands, digital formats, concerts, shows
  • Fashion

    clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and suitcases
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    food, beverages, pharmacy goods
  • Gardening & Tools

    garden equipment, garden furniture, tools
  • Health & Pharmaceuticals

    hospitals, nursing homes, health providers, medical devices and technology, pharmaceuticals
  • Heating & Bathroom

    bathroom and sanitary installations, heating, air conditioning and energy technology
  • Industry, Machines & Engineering

    Industry 4.0., machines and plant construction, machine tools, industry components, construction machinery
  • Insurance

    insurance companies, providers of statutory health insurance, insurance brokers
  • Interior & Living

    furniture, household textiles, floor coverings
  • Kids & Toys

    games, toys, children's products
  • Kitchen & Household Appliances

    kitchen equipment, cleaning equipment, robots
  • Leisure & Crafts

    toys, art and craft supplies, musical instruments
  • Lighting

    lighting, lamps, lighting technology
  • Logistics & Infrastructure

    utility companies, power generators, logistics services, cable network providers
  • Luxury

    luxury goods, jewellery, watches
  • Media & Publishing

    media companies, publishers, TV broadcasters, radio broadcasters, news portals, YouTube channels, newspapers, magazines
  • Non-Governmental Organization

    not-for-profit organisations, foundations, associations
  • Office & Stationery

    paper, stationery, office supplies
  • Public Affairs, City & State

    city brands, regional brands, parties
  • Research and Development

    research institutes, foundations, universities
  • Sports Associations & Sporting Clubs

    associations, clubs, leagues including eSports, championships, tournaments
  • Sports & Outdoor Activities

    sports clothing, products and equipment
  • Telecommunications & IT

    telecommunications companies, hardware and software manufacturers, cloud solutions providers, IT service providers
  • Tourism

    hotels, tour operators, airlines, travel marketers
  • Trade Fairs & Event Locations

    trade fair operators, arenas, stadiums and event venues
  • Trade, Retail & e-Commerce

    food retailers, fashion chains, online stores, comparison portals
  • Transport & Mobility

    automobility, electromobility, mobility service providers
  • Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation
  • recognises top achievers in the individual disciplines. Categories include:
  • Brand Behaviour

    codes of conduct, staff programmes, corporate fashion collections
  • Brand Creation – Ambient Media & Outdoor Advertising

    poster campaigns, City Light, special forms of advertising
  • Brand Creation – Architecture & Buildings

    expression of the company brand in the architecture of its buildings
  • Brand Creation – Brand Experience, Fairs & Exhibitions

    trade fair stands, pop-up stores, company anniversaries, brand experience centres
  • Brand Creation – Business Model & Product Innovation

    digital business models, disruptive approaches, new product launches
  • Brand Creation – Dialogue & CRM

    CRM programmes, on- and off-line mailings, integrated dialogue campaigns, direct marketing activities
  • Brand Creation – Influencer Marketing

    influencer campaigns
  • Brand Creation – Integrated Campaign

    image campaigns, product campaigns
  • Brand Creation – Intranet & Collaboration

    Internet portals, collaboration platforms, forums and blogs
  • Brand Creation – Movies, Commercials & Virals

    company films, image films, TV spots, virals
  • Brand Creation – Point of Sales

    flagship stores, franchise concepts, branch systems, individual transactions, digital showrooms, eShops
  • Brand Creation – Print

    poster campaigns, business reports, yearbooks
  • Brand Creation – Public Relations

    press conferences and events, press dialogue and tools
  • Brand Creation – Social Media

    social media activities and campaigns, e.g. on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterst, Youtube, Snapchat
  • Brand Creation – Storytelling & Content Marketing

    content marketing
  • Brand Creation – User experience

    holistic customer experiences, HMI, interfaces
  • Brand Creation – Web, Mobile und App

    company or product website, microsite, portal, magazine, blogs, apps
  • Brand Design

    corporate brand, product brand
  • Brand Strategy

    brand portfolio, brand architecture, brand positioning, brand cooperation strategies, brand controlling
  • Employer Branding Activities & Campaigns

    recruiting, employer brand campaigns and events
  • Internal Branding & Brand Academies

    brand academies, internal brand communication concepts, internal communication, eLearning courses

Optimal conditions
for your

All companies nominated by the brand scouts and expert committees of the German Brand Institute are eligible to participate. All nominees receive a detailed information pack for participants. All entries received on time and in the correct form will be assessed by the jury according to the assessment criteria. The judges may assign different weightings to the criteria at their discretion; the order in which the criteria are listed does not in any way reflect an order of importance. Winners will receive written notification of their success; the judges’ decisions cannot be appealed.

  • German Brand Awards assessment criteria

    The judges will decide whether your brand has what it takes  based on the following criteria:

    individuality and distinctive brand features › brand perception › differentiation from competitors › relevance to target audience › consistency of the brand image › design quality of brand profile › degree of innovation › sustainability › continuity › future viability › price premium › growth and economic success