FC Bayern München

FC Bayern München


FC Bayern München is defined by unbreakable passion, unique heritage and international acclaim. In contrast to the accomplishments in football, this self-image was not reflected in the club’s brand. Building on a newly developed unique positioning, a refreshed brand identity now impresses with a carefully revised logo, a newly developed, distinctive corporate font, powerful imagery and a clear design concept – all echoing the club’s DNA.

Statement of the jury

»Mia San Mia!« – FC Bayern Munich now presents itself as refreshingly new and modern, without having lost any of its recognisability. Instead, it has succeeded in creating a distinctive identity that neatly conveys the lived tradition, emotionality and passion of the club and its fans across all touchpoints. An incredibly strong refresh worthy of one of the world’s most famous and successful football clubs.

Best of Best

Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Effect of the Year