Yunar – Turn something boring into something happy

Yunar – Turn something boring into something happy


A new brand was developed for Deutsche Bank to present their new app, the mobile wallet Yunar, in a completely new design. Guided by the idea »to turn something boring into something happy«, a positioning was developed in which the daily handling of money creates happy moments. Illustrations serve as a »happiness accelerator« and are at the heart of communication. In combination with real images or typography, they transform the simplest moments into surprising, exciting stories.

Jury statement

For many, including and especially young people, the daily handling of their finances is synonymous with boredom. That’s about to change, says Deutsche Bank, with its creation of Yunar, a digital subsidiary brand that, with its appealingly colourful and unmistakable presentation, succeeds in accomplishing what would be difficult to achieve within the traditional umbrella brand. The first step is an extremely user-friendly app, which makes the administration of bonus cards more convenient than ever. Refreshingly young and creatively implemented, the brand perfectly captures the relaxed attitude of its target group. For a company like Deutsche Bank, this represents a courageous step into an increasingly digital future, one honoured with a Gold award by the jury.


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