Jugend gegen AIDS e. V.

Jugend gegen AIDS e. V.


Adolescents are just not interested in hearing about AIDS. How can one get them interested in AIDS and safer sex? The integrated campaign for the “World Aids Day” of Jugend gegen AIDS (Youth Against AIDS) is so funny, open, exciting, relaxed, just like good sex should be. It asks question that teenagers have about sex. Colourful genitals and body fluids transform harmless scenes into sexy images. The unambiguous look and direct tone appeals to adolescents. The campaign has found its way to blogs and social networks.

Statement of the jury

With this refreshingly cheeky campaign, Jugend gegen AIDS (Youth Against AIDS) has found the perfect way to appeal to its target group. Questions on the topic of sex are addressed without any embarrassment and pleasantly free of clichés. The message “Do what you want. But do it with love, respect and condoms.” is perfectly suited to the desire for freedom of a generation that wants to do its thing and have its own experiences. An “awesome” campaign that does without any finger-wagging. Brave, and certainly somewhat controversial, but perhaps that’s why it is so ground-breaking – and in any case definitely worthy of praise.


Industry Excellence in Branding
Culture and non Governmental Organisation