Marché Mövenpick

Marché Mövenpick


Marché Mövenpick is a new catering concept for urban gourmets. Marché is recognisable as the origin, but it is adapted to the target group. The healthy, market-fresh food from Marché combines with the Mövenpick philosophy for pleasure and refinement. The brand design with its clear typography and the emblematic illustrations by the Swede Klas Herbert exude simplicity and a rural way of life. It strikes a contemporary, urban attitude towards life.

Statement of the jury

Marché is back in town – with its own visuals and communication, perfectly tailored to an urban audience. The new image is distinguished by the Marché Mövenpick logo, the succinct font and the ubiquitous and lovingly created line drawings of Swede Klas Herbert. They grace display boards, packaging, menus and coffee cups, emphasising the “handmade” aspect and ensuring a high recognition value. Authentic photos of ingredients and dishes highlight the freshness of the products on offer. An exemplary brand presence that is exactly what you would expect from a sophisticated food company: modern, mouthwatering, fresh and appealing in every way.


Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management & Creation
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