STENZ – Beard Care

STENZ – Beard Care


STENZ – Beard Care was founded in Munich two years ago. Now my products are sold throughout Europe and are established as a solid brand in beard care. “Beard care straight outta Bavaria” is the motto of my manufactory. The headquarters is now in an old farmhouse in the Bavarian Forest. I have been running my brand for 1.5 years full time. In the future, the brand STENZ – Beard Care will continue to grow and many more products will follow. The Stenz.

Statement of the jury

The positioning of this high-end beard care products brand, which was launched less than two years ago, centres around the company’s owner (who has a beard) in a highly authentic and congenial fashion that at the same time does everything just right, down to the last detail, in terms of brand technology. And so it’s no surprise that the products, which the company owner developed himself, are already being marketed throughout Europe and that the name STENZ has already gained prominence.

Best of Best

Excellence in Branding
Newcomer Brand of the Year