freenet TV

freenet TV


freenet TV is the DTT platform for linear television by MEDIA BRAODCAST. Provided via DVB-T2 HD, freenet TV reaches 80 % of German households and sets a new television standard. Only freenet TV offers the innovative DVB-T2 HD technology in the uniquely sharp image quality of true Full HD resolution, both for the private and public channels – simply via antenna. The product also inlcudes freenet TV connect – an IP-based add-on offering IP channels as well as apps and media libraries.

Statement of the jury

The relatively new German TV platform known as freenet TV promises to provide “simply better TV” – a message that the company conveys systematically in its highly arresting communication. The most notable features of this approach are the brand’s integrated design concept, with its high recognition value, as well as its robust communication platform which reflects the design concept as do all other touch points. The result: a powerful and distinctively positioned brand whose congenial presenters, clad in corporate green, attract attention and arouse interest.


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