CREATE YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE: the goal of leading artisans is the creation of true masterpieces – pieces of work to be proud of. Every artisan is unique and passionate. They are makers, creators, innovators and deserve the best workwear to design the world of tomorrow. At Würth MODYF we understand the needs of the everyday worker, providing them with the best clothes and shoes. We develop our products with them and for them, creating new technologies to allow them to reach new heights.

Statement of the jury

The new X-finity logo refers to the melding of two brands via superlative design. The other elements of the company’s branding are equally compelling from the standpoint of both form and content and convey the concept of MasterPiece Glide in an exciting and contemporary fashion. This superb brand design clearly shows that the company has a perfect understanding of who their target audience is.


Industry Excellence in Branding
Gardening & Tools