Zentis Naturrein Packaging Design

Zentis Naturrein Packaging Design


Demonstrating the courage to go natural and adopting a revolutionary mindset, Dragon Rouge created the new »NaturRein« packaging range and gave the company's sustainable orientation a further boost. The design impresses with its aesthetic, minimalist implementation and mirrors the concept of the product: three ingredients with a fair-to-nature philosophy. The removable wrapper allows people to focus on the pure product at the breakfast table. Less is more.

Statement of the jury

The new »NaturRein« range from Zentis features a minimalist packaging design that comprehensibly reflects the brand’s claim to sustainability and to the uncomplicated purity and quality of the fruit spreads. At the same time, the transparent jars, which do not feature a conventional adhesive label but only an easily removable wrapper made from card, have a very striking look and promise a high level of recognition on shop shelves. A contemporary and likeable packaging design that fits perfectly into the world of the target group.


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