Womanizer develops and markets high-quality sexual wellness products. Founded in 2014 with the invention of the revolutionary and patented Pleasure Air Technology, Womanizer is now an internationally recognised brand with 4 offices and more than 4 million customers in over 60 countries. With the claim and the global #IMasturbate campaign, the brand is committed to destigmatising (female) masturbation and sexuality, and strives for an open, shame-free dialogue.

Statement of the jury

The Womanizer brand is extremely modern, fresh and aesthetically sophisticated, with a clear and convincing focus on product benefits. The brand design with its bright colours is eye-catching and absolutely unique. Above all, the appearance is extremely likeable and deals with the topic of »female masturbation« in a wonderfully natural way, which contributes immensely to breaking down inhibitions. How the clever combination of innovative technology, appealing design and self-confident messages about a taboo subject managed to position and assert itself so rapidly and successfully on the highly competitive sex toy market is impressive and the well-deserved reward for a high degree of courage and empathy.

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Product Brand of the Year