RWE has made a fresh start – with the biggest transformation of the company since its inception over 120 years ago. We have fundamentally changed: from a German electricity producer with nuclear and coal-fired power into a leading global renewables company. With investments of 5 billion euros net by the end of 2022. And with an ambitious goal: climate neutrality by 2040. For clean, reliable and affordable electricity. Our energy for a sustainable life.

Statement of the jury

Away from coal and nuclear energy towards renewable energies: RWE’s corporate transformation into a clean energy producer is an ambitious project that also required a relaunch of the brand strategy. This is reflected, among other things, in a sympathetic campaign that addresses a broad public with appealing motifs. A great example of how professional brand work can strategically support a corporate transformation – especially when it takes place on this scale. The response from the public was gratifyingly positive. We can only hope that RWE will achieve its ambitious, sustainable corporate goals.

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