Liquid Brand Design Telekom

Liquid Brand Design Telekom


With Liquid Brand Design, Telekom is taking the next big step in the consistent advancement of the brand. Flexible, lively and future oriented, the concept enables a new level of creativity. The core elements such as the colour Magenta, the T logo and the enhanced typeface have been optimised and continue to form the visual constants in the new brand design. Flexibility unfolds through new creative scope, e.g. in terms of design language, colours and imagery. This allows Telekom to tell stories that are appropriate to the context, create differentiating brand experiences – and still remain unmistakable.

Statement of the jury

Since 2012, the colour Magenta has stood for a modern Telekom. Since then, the brand has been consistently developed further in its appearance, whereby it has succeeded in making the demand for innovative and contemporary technology tangible for customers with all their senses. The Liquid Brand Design, the latest revolution of the brand appearance, reflects this high standard in a comprehensible way. With this, Telekom has finally said goodbye to any rigidity and proves this with a fantastic 360° design that is creative and flexible as never before to optimally adapt to any context and create dynamic worlds of experience without losing the identity of the brand even for a moment.

Best of Best

Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Innovation of the Year