Sartorius Brand Relaunch

Sartorius Brand Relaunch


Launched in 2020, the Sartorius corporate brand is all about its claim »Simplifying Progress«. At all touchpoints, the focused, creative and ambitious character traits become obvious. The engaging potential of the design lies within its simplicity: the bold logo omits unnecessary lines and uses neither icon nor picture. The colour palette consists of just three colours: all 100% pure. The result is a distinct, eye-catching appearance – a unique and pioneering brand.

Statement of the jury

With the newly launched Sartorius brand, a pleasantly clear and uninhibitedly differentiating appearance was achieved that, despite its formally reduced design approach, reflects the claim to progress and innovation in a modern and serious manner. The way in which the new identity is unmistakably recognisable and can be experienced comprehensively and consistently across all touchpoints was also very well solved. A confidently implemented and extremely professional, brand-defining B2B presence.

Best of Best

Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Strategy of the Year