Here’s how we grew Planted, a start-up from Zurich, into a brand and then into a movement. First, we launched planted meat – vegan meat made from pea protein. With animal lovers, health freaks, climate heroes and meat fans in mind, we designed the brand to be as provocative as the product. Then, we sparked the #TastyRevolution. Through films, flags, shareable placards and a food truck, we gave our tribe a platform to rally for less animal cruelty, better health and a more sustainably delicious planet.

Statement of the jury

The replacement of meat with vegetable protein is a megatrend in the food sector. The worldwide mass consumption of meat means an insane consumption of resources, pollutes the climate and the environment and costs billions of animals their lives every year. The start-up Planted offers a sustainable and tasty alternative to animal meat with its products and has made this the core of its brand strategy. The result is outstanding communication – a credible appearance full of enthusiasm, which with original ideas, innovative product placement and fresh design attracts a lot of attention and emotion, not only in the precisely defined target groups. With its sustainable approach, the brand even has the potential to increase the number of so-called flexitarians beyond the vegan community. Here, many good ideas bring the brand to life.

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