Harvested around the corner instead of shipped around the globe. REGIONIQUE is the brand that counts kilometres. We are continuously striving to change the raw materials trade. Why? Because we are sick of the fact that so many ingredients are transported huge distances all over the globe, which is terrible for the environment. That is why we exclusively use ingredients made in Germany. Each product is given an individual QR code to ensure that everything on offer is sustainable and transparent. Everything is unique.

Statement of the jury

Behind the REGIONIQUE brand is a product promise that speaks from the heart of more and more consumers: uncompromising and comprehensibly regional. This USP is consistently reflected in the brand experience – starting from the product and its packaging to the PoS and communication. A convincing business concept that has been implemented in a differentiated way with a well thought-out and contemporary brand identity and makes the aspect of sustainability a transparent experience for customers, right down to the last detail.

Best of Best

Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Impact of the Year