Wohnen heißt Wüstenrot

Wohnen heißt Wüstenrot


Wüstenrot has realigned its brand and repositioned the issue of »living«. The new brand presence reflects the self-understanding of Wüstenrot to be the expert in everything connected to living. Furthermore, when it comes to the subject of living and all of its diversity, the new brand campaign »#wohnenheisst« aims to authentically represent people’s needs. »#wohnenheisst« is the linking element between everything that defines living.


With its emotional »#wohnenheisst« brand campaign, Wüstenrot is addressing a highly topical issue that is of long-term importance in our society in Germany. The brand core »Wohnwünsche verwirklichen« (»The life you want, made real«) is highly relevant and can be applied in across the board to the entire service portfolio: from property searches, saving for one’s own home and financing, to retirement planning. A clear strategic orientation that consistently and authentically reflects people’s needs in terms of accommodation and uniquely positions the brand.

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