Digitale Erlebnisplattform – Johanniter Luftrettung

Digitale Erlebnisplattform – Johanniter Luftrettung


The »Virtual Johanniter Air Rescue« is an innovative experience platform, which provides access to the values and services of the aid organisation via PC, mobile device or VR headset. Now you can virtually immerse yourself into the world of the Johanniter Air Rescue, visit the teams and experience the outstanding competence of the Europeanwide organisation through expert videos: rescue flights, organ transports, premature baby transfers and the transports of infectious patients – all of this can be experienced digitally now.

Statement of the jury

The opportunity to experience and learn about the world of the Johanniter Air Rescue virtually was impressively implemented in terms of form, content and technology. The users can immerse themselves in a 360° view of the workplaces and helicopters, look around and »accompany« the rescuers during their frequent life-saving missions. An excellently made, cutting-edge tool, which facilitates an introduction to the values of, and services provided by the aid organisation, thereby helping to increase awareness for the work of the air rescue service.


Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Communication - Web and Mobile