MeinZuhause und ich

MeinZuhause und ich


Service is part of our craft! True to our brand essence »We create freedom in our customers’ lives«, we launched the digital platform »MeinZuhause und ich« in October 2019. Customers can quickly and easily find regional and quality- controlled craftsmen from six different trades. This saves customers time-consuming searching and long waiting periods – for more freedom in life.

Statement of the jury

Sourcing reliable local craftsmen free of charge as an exclusive service for all household contents and residential building insurance customers is a particularly attractive combination of customer needs, experience and branding. The platform allows customers of the insurance company to save a lot of time and the work of the craftsmen is even covered by the insurance with a five-year guarantee. A genuine added value that promises customers a special brand experience within the framework of services.

Best of best

Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Experience of the Year