Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge

Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge


The successful and highly traditional, internationally positioned, family company Schmitt + Sohn Elevators is leading in brand managment, as well as in developing a value-oriented corporate culture, progressive architecture and innovative product design. This has been the company’s attitude and conviction gefor six generations. With a strategically oriented brand identity and with stringent and concise corporate design it represents a company that stands for excellence, partnership and trust.

Statement of the jury

For over 100 years, the family company Schmitt + Sohn, now in its sixth generation, has been setting the bar internationally for the highest standards in lift building and has established itself as a strong and confident brand. Its open and inspiring communication, which remains in harmony with the clearly focused brand strategy at all times and is equally effective internally and externally, enables precise images of an excellent company whose stability and success is based on this very fact.


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