Lime »Unlock Life«

Lime »Unlock Life«


E-scooters, the most popular micro-mobility trend today. It’s also the most competitive market segment in urban mobility. We’ve succeeded in establishing Lime throughout Germany with the integrated content campaign »Unlock Life«, which consists of portraits of real city dwellers who share their personal stories. Using humorous, local and socially relevant references, the campaign helped make the international market leader by far the best-known e-scooter provider in Germany.

Statement of the jury

Lime’s coherent attitude campaign creates a connection between social commitment, personal freedom and individual mobility. In addition to the campaign themes with personal and authentic-looking stories of real city dwellers, the topic of driver safety training also rates very highly. With »Unlock Life«, Lime credibly demonstrates that the brand stands for more than CO2-neutral micro-mobility and sharing. Basic values such as individual freedom, local social commitment or the sense of community differentiates the brand and creates a real unique selling proposition.

Best of best

Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Effect of the Year