CROSSCAMP is the answer to people’s growing need for a compact and versatile vehicle that can be used flexibly in everyday life and as a leisure vehicle. CROSSCAMP is unconventional and multifunctional. Whether as a comfortable shuttle in the city, as a transporter for shopping and moving or as a professional camper for outdoor and leisure experiences – with a CROSSCAMP you are always well equipped. With its compact and ergonomic design, CROSSCAMP appeals to new target groups and needs.

Statement of the jury

The urban outdoor feeling can be observed, among other things, in the developments in the clothing sector and the growing number of outdoor stores in the major cities. The CROSSCAMP brand takes up this longing of many city dwellers in its strategy and consistently applies it to an innovative vehicle concept that combines a normal van with a travel and all-purpose vehicle for adventures big and small. A strong, excellently derived brand with a catchy name and an authentic brand world that perfectly reflects the values and needs of urban target groups.

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