Gelbe Seiten Machergeschichten

Gelbe Seiten Machergeschichten


Gelbe Seiten features real customers. However, in times of »Google first«, competition is tough. By implementing a new strategy – combining digital brand content measures with performance measures – we were able to improve overall performance and achieve excellent results. This was thanks to our editorial format Gelbe Seiten Machergeschichten, which we developed to portray entrepreneurs and their personal stories. Gelbe Seiten understands needs, fears and strengths by supporting people on their paths in life.

Statement of the jury

The Gelbe Seiten is the best-known business directory in Germany and one of the country’s best-known brands. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the brand to hold its own in times of »Google First«. The new digital strategy Machergeschichten shows the people behind the industry ads in a series of short portrait films that have completely reinvented the Gelbe Seiten brand. This not only strengthens the credibility of the respective service providers, but also creates a sympathetic emotional proximity, which in many cases is decisive for the searcher. An excellent brand content measure, which led to significantly improved performance and thus to a significant increase in user numbers.


Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation
Brand Communication – Storytelling and Content Marketing