Veramaris, a joint venture of DSM and Evonik, pioneers the production of essential omega-3 fatty acids for animal nutrition without reliance on fish oil, a finite resource. Veramaris thus contributes to conserving marine biodiversity as well as sustainable animal protein for a growing world population. This »Why« behind the brand is our focus, as well as the topics of »water, life, health and sustainability«.

Statement of the jury

Around 16 million tons of wild fish are caught annually in order to produce fish oil and fish meal. Veramaris makes it possible for the first time to produce the omega-3 fatty acids important for animal nutrition on the basis of an algae oil, thus doing away with need for fish oil. The key themes for Veramaris development as a brand – water, life, globality and sustainability – are clearly recognisable from its corporate design, with aquatic and organic-looking structures and colour gradients. Real image and video recordings complete the communication, which comes across as very authentic and credible and allows the brand’s sustainable character to be experienced emotionally across all touchpoints.

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Sustainable Brand of the Year