Fantasy meets Ballermann

Fantasy meets Ballermann


nexible started as the first fully digital insurance company in Germany with the aim of rethinking the industry from scratch. This refers to the products, but also to the mode of communication. The result was an advertising campaign that the insurance industry had never seen before. In the centre: a short film with Jürgen Drews about a successful fantasy series and numerous allusions to popular culture – true to the brand’s promise: »As little insurance as possible«.

Statement of the jury

Customers want to deal with their insurance as little as possible. Preferably with no paperwork, no complicated contracts and no waiting – just as little insurance as possible. nexible’s viral spot brings this message to the point. But only at the end of a 4-minute long and ludicrously bizarre film, which offers a great deal of entertainment but has little to do with insurance – or just as little as possible. An original spot that is perfect for viral communication precisely because it is so absurd and funny. Brilliant.


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