Accenture – Make a difference Employer Branding Campaign

Accenture – Make a difference Employer Branding Campaign


In the middle of the “war for talent”, Accenture is searching for new employees and is no longer solely competing with business consultancies. Especially the number of female applicants is intended to increase. The campaign renounces the use of cliches and stereotypes and rather focusses on the key female career goal – a healthy work-life balance. With the claim “Be yourself and make a difference” the brands most successful employer branding campaign so far originates.

Jury statement

Be yourself and make a difference, the tagline of Accenture’s latest employer-branding campaign aimed mainly at female job applicants unleashed a torrent of job applications that exceeded all expectations. The campaign was ingenious in that it made its argument from the standpoint of real-world employees, with their differing expectations and attitudes toward life – and in so doing spoke directly to the hearts and minds of the campaign’s target groups, offering an ideal identification “hook.”

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