MediaMarkt: retail concept with new shopping experience. Focus on fun: the new concept takes up the brand’s positioning and brings its message to the shop area. Freestanding themed pavilions connect the products with fun and pleasure and provide added value and interaction. Branding and instore communication play a significant role in sharpening the brand’s profile: bold “bubbles” with slogans and testimonials explain the products and lead the way.

Jury statement

“Hauptsache ihr habt Spaß” (Above all, have fun) is Media Markt’s new tagline – one that underscores the brand’s catchy message with a retail concept that’s consistent down to the last detail and that once again makes a visit to a Media Markt outlet a genuine experience. And while shopping for the company’s products online may be more convenient, there’s no substitute for the sensory satisfaction of seeing and touching the actual products in a bricks-and-mortar shop. Because after all that’s what makes shopping according to the slogan “I want” rather than “I need” really fun.

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Excellence in Branding
Brand Innovation of the Year