ARTEBENE is an owner-managed, medium-sized company based in Germany. Since its establishment in 1985, the brand has been known for design-led and high quality products for packing, writing and giving. Our subsidiaries in France, the United Kingdom and Spain enable us to provide best services to our retailers all over Europe. We have summarised our service goals in a service level agreement for our customers. Brand for us means keeping these promises.

Statement of the jury

The mid-sized company ARTEBENE, which specialises in greeting cards and gifts, has firmly established itself in the European market. It is no surprise that its success is based on comprehensive brand management that goes far beyond the designs of the items and the matching trade show stand. When one takes a closer look, it quickly becomes apparent that the company leaves nothing to chance. Logistics, production, marketing and sales undergo continuous optimisation. Innovation is just as important as communication and the professional development of next-generation staff. The company is committed to a strategy of sustainability and forward-thinking action. This multifaceted approach is reflected in its growth and security and makes ARTEBENE a solid brand with a great future.


Industry Excellence in Branding
Leisure & Art Supplies