AUF JETZT! Gemeinsam für die Eintracht

AUF JETZT! Gemeinsam für die Eintracht


“AUF JETZT! Gemeinsam für die Eintracht” is the central message of the campaign strategy that this traditional club, which is in danger of relegation, is adopting to stir the emotions of its players, members, fans and sponsors once again, bringing together the split Eintracht and thus providing the decisive boost needed for the team to achieve sporting success. Additionally, the new brand shines brightly in all media. This effort is receiving widespread recognition and acclaim throughout the league.

Statement of the jury

Eintracht Frankfurt also enjoys a great deal of popularity outside of their faithful fan club, which is naturally due to the club’s passion for football. But this passion is conveyed not only in the stadium, but via consistent brand management in all channels. This includes the beautifully designed and cleanly integrated campaign with the core message “AUF JETZT! Gemeinsam für die Eintracht.” (In English, the rough equivalent would be “STAND UP NOW! All together for Frankfurt United”), which goes straight to the hearts of footballers and motivates fans, players, members and sponsors to join forces to enable Eintracht to replicate the success of the past.


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